Top Mobile MMORPG to play in 2022 Mirage: Perfect Skyline is now available for download! Grab your Giftcode Now

Top Mobile MMORPG to play in 2022 — Mirage: Perfect Skyline is now available for download! 

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As a Gods&Demons-based genre game, it has a variety of limited-time events in addition to a wide game-ability. Various kinds of benefits are offered upon the game goes online, with a wide range of weapons and pets. Free benefits and equipment like Red-quality Gear and Appearance are yours to grab as long you accumulate a login of 15 days.


The strong ones shall prove themselves on the Hall of Heroes!

The game has a variety of Server Launching contest events, such as Level, CP, Pets, Mounts, Wealth, Wings, and Gems, all of which are waiting for you to top the list! Of course, there will be rewards, in fact, rich ones, waiting for the No. 1 Guild to claim them!

Individual and collective glory shall gather here!


Only kids make choices, I want them all!

Introducing a beneficial system for players where all players across the server get rewarded when someone kills a BOSS. It’s time to make a name for yourself! Aside from finding your soul mate and getting married in the game, there’s a Perfect Lover event where couples can receive rewards from the officials for reaching enough Confession values. What’s not to like when you can fall in love and become stronger at the same time?


Get online, Get rewarded!

Just stay online and meet the conditions in the Active Spin event to receive various rewards on the wheel for FREE! We also have Word-collecting Event, where players collect words by killing BOSSES and receive generous gifts. There will also be witnessing of new servers, “Let’s Get High” event where all players contribute to the server for a reward-for-all! The higher your contribution, the better the reward gets~!


Great value rebates with low-cost and high-return!

The game launches with events like super-value Jade Rebate, First Top-up gifts, and Fortune Meow Event, with more permanent Rebate events and online gifts up for grab! Make the strongest build with minimal cost now!


Eight major classes, exclusive God System, battlefield bloodbaths, fashionable and stylish dress-ups, breath-taking scenery, and feverish BGMs for you to experience.

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It contains special rewards which you can claim in-game and help you get through the newbie period! Don’t wait! Come and experience it now!


The handheld game <Mirage:Perfect Skyline> is finally here with a mysterious giftcode: mirage3000 mirage456

Various gifts are now available for free upon logging into the game to provide a better gaming experience, by triumphing over enemies and monsters! Just log in for 15 days, and you can be trendily strong with the complimentary Red-quality Gear and Appearance, with more exciting gameplays to be experienced! <Mirage: Perfect Skyline>, a mobile MMORPG not to be missed in 2022!


Gods’ Descent, Battle of strength!

During the event, players can compete with each other by enhancing the power of the unique Gods in the exclusive system! Furthermore, a variety of competitive gameplays are available between players, such as Wealth, Total CP, Wing, Gems, Level, and Gear, etc. The stronger will be rewarded.


Value packs to enhance the gaming experience!

Are you still struggling with losing to others every time? This game plans the most optimal paid packages for all players, maximizing the return on every penny you spend, allowing you to grow adequately with the lowest cost. Not to mention we offer a variety of rebate events to boost your combat power!


Friendship, career, and love all in one hand!

Build your Guild and grow it with your comrades and fight to the tops! The stronger your guild and the higher its ranking, the greater the event rewards!

Kill the BOSS and make a name for yourself and benefit all players across the server with the rewarding system at the same time!

A game where you can find your soul mate and bear your offspring. Get rewards from the officials by confessing!


Lucky Spins to skyrocket your combat power!

We have Active Spin in-game where you can draw prizes for free as long you accumulate Activity in the game. There are even several different Spins offering hundreds of luxurious rewards. Different Spins correspond to different rewards, and some are time-limited. Be sure not to miss out~


Eight major classes, exclusive God System, battlefield bloodbaths, fashionable and stylish dress-ups, breath-taking scenery, and feverish BGMs for you to experience.


<Mirage:Perfect Skyline>, definitely a Gods & Demons genre MMORPG worth playing!


How to Download and Play Mirage Perfect Skyline on PC

  1. Download and install NoxPlayer on your PC
  2. Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store
  3. Look for Mirage Perfect Skyline in the search bar and install the game
  4. Click the icon of Mirage Perfect Skyline on your home screen to start the game