Upgrade Your Old 64-bit Standalone Version of Nox to the Latest version – Google Play Issues Resolved

After version, we’ve included ALL Android versions in Multi-Drive, thus the maintenance of the original 64-bit & Android 9 standalone packs will be gradually stopped. If you are still on the version earlier than and keep getting the annoying Google Play pop-up saying [Google Play Services has Stopped], you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version of Nox to resolve this.

For users still using the original 64-bit/Android 9 version ( or earlier), as the maintenance’s stopped, you cannot upgrade directly in Nox nor overwrite install (Or you will lose your data). Keep reading for detailed instructions.


To upgrade to the latest version of Nox, backup your data, download and install the latest version of Nox, import your data.

1. First, link your game(s) to your Google, Facebook, or any social media account(s) (please do not uninstall the emulator directly without account-binding or you will lose your important in-game data)


2. Make a backup of the original 64-bit emulator data: How to backup and import data?

Select a local path to store the data.


3. Download the latest version of Nox on our website and install.

Note: We still open 3 slots for downloads, and they are all the latest version of Nox, the only difference for the three options is that the default instance that comes with the emulator varies. It’s just your default emulator instance will be the version you pick (Android 7 32-bit, 64-bit, Android 9), and you are always free to add other versions in your Multi-Drive at ease without installing other standalone installation packages of NoxPlayer. If you are curious about the distinctions between different Android and bit versions, check this post: Android Systems, Bits, and their Differences

2021/12/21 Update: The latest version of Nox as of now is


4. Import your data in Multi-Drive: How to backup and import data?

You can refer to the instructions here to learn how to add a new 64-bit emulator instance in Multi-Drive on the latest version of Nox.


To know more about the latest version of NoxPlayer, check here


Sorry for the trouble! After you successfully install the latest version of Nox you’ll get the Google Play pop-up issue resolved.