Wuthering Waves Tier list | Characters Guide (2024 Latest)

This Tier List for the mobile game Wuthering Waves categorizes the game’s characters into different tiers based on their performance in the core game content – the Tower of Adversity.

The Tower of Adversity (ToA) consists of multiple floors where players face changing combinations of enemies. Clearing the ToA should be a top priority, as the rewards for defeating it are refreshed regularly.

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This tier list is meant to serve as a reference for which characters are most effective at clearing the Tower of Adversity. This can help players plan better on which characters to focus resources on upgrading or which ones to try to obtain.

The tier rankings are based on the character performance and skill data from the game’s version 1.0. The tier list will be updated as the game is officially released and more data becomes available.

Download & Play Wuthering Waves on PC with NoxPlayer