Solutions for Antivirus Software (Avast) Conflict with NoxPlayer

Antivirus software is an essential tool for every user to protect their computers from the virus. In some cases, NoxPlayer will conflict with antivirus software and cause some problems for you. To further explain, all the emulators will conflict with antivirus software because they both require to use the Hardware Visualization of your computer. Therefore, you may experience the following situations:

  1. The install and start-up process of NoxPlayer may be stuck at 0-99%
  2. NoxPlayer is laggy and crash
  3. BSOD problem
  4. Constant error report about Google Service and Play Store

Here are the solutions to solve these problems (Taking Avast as an example):

  • Disable the Hardware Visualization on Avast
  1. Open Avast and click “Menu” on the upper right

2. Click “Settings” to view more details

3. Select “General“→”Troubleshooting“→ and disable the “Hardware-assisted Virtualization

  • Add NoxPlayer to white list
  1. Open Avast and click “Menu” on the upper right

2. Click “Settings” to view more details

3. Select “General“→”Exceptions“→ and click “Add Exception

4. Add the download path to the exception (Based on your own download path), such as

D:\Program Files\Nox\bin

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bignox\BigNoxVM