What Is Blood on the Clocktower?


A unique game in this world and players are never eliminated. Blood on the Clocktower is a highly replayable social bluffing game & social deduction board game for 5-20 players who delight in murder & mystery, creative strategies, and different challenges. In Blood on the Clocktower, death is not the end…

Guided by the ghostly Storyteller, Good and Evil engage in a battle of wits and deception as the Townsfolk & Outsiders of Ravenswood Bluff must work together and solve the puzzle to find their hellish killer. The Evil Demon must evade capture with the help of its mischievous Minions and continue its rampage until no soul is left alive.

[Game Overview]

Three blood on the clocktower scripts —  Trouble Brewing, Bad Moon Rising and Sects & violets.

1. Every Role is Unique

Every role has a different set of challenges and strategies. Blood on the clocktower roles is divided into Good Team and Evil Team. There is a huge amount of information available, which each play learns in a unique way.

On the Good Team, you’ll have a powerful skill, know something that nobody else does, or have a fun challenge to overcome. 

On the Evil Team, you’ll have the power to kill, an insidious way to spread misinformation, or a means to thwart the Good Team’s efforts. How you use your ability is up to you. There are countless ways to play and countless ways to win.

You can also make your own “blood on the clocktower diy“.

2. Drunkenness Poisoning and Madness

There is a lot of information to use to solve the puzzle…but some of it is wrong! If you’re drunk or poisoned, the Storyteller can happily lie and give you false information. You can never trust anyone completely, not even yourself.

Players sent mad are compelled to bluff in creative ways, placing them in a delightful bind: Play along and sow maximum discord, or reveal the truth and face the Storyteller’s wrath? Unique amongst social deduction games, these features give you an extra layer of strategy to engage with, new puzzles to solve, and an unprecedented level of involvement for the Storyteller.

3. Death is not the End

You’ll be in it for the entire game, even if you die playing on as an influential ghost with your most powerful tools: your voice and your vote.

The Good Team may often trade lives for valuable information and the Evil Team may do the same for credibility.

4. Enter a Game After It Starts

Late to the party? Even better! Enter the game after it starts as a special Traveller role with unusual talents and questionable allegiances. You might gift extra votes to other players, or take them away. You could rearrange the seating order, force an execution, save a life, turn laughter into leverage, or straight up shoot a player who has done you wrong.

All players will know your role but not which team you’re on — the Storyteller will decide that for you. With abilities useful to both sides, Travellers can be a great ally or a terrible enemy.

5. Being the Storyteller Is Awesome

Blood on the Clocktower totally reinvents the moderator role. You’re more than a narrator calling out a checklist, you’re actively shaping and enriching each game.

Trouble Brewing will start you off making decisions about which information or misinformation to give in your mission to get each game to its climactic final day. Bad Moon Rising and Sects & violets get you even more involved, as you generate custom information for some roles or become the ultimate arbiter of their madness.

The Storyteller can even assume the role of a Blood special Fabled character, each with its own special effect to dramatically change the flavour of a game.