Blood on the Clocktower Rules

How to Play Blood on the Clocktower

5-20 Players
1 Storyteller
Ages 14+

[Blood on the clocktower Setup]

  1. The Storyteller explains the rules to any new players.
  2. The Storyteller chooses what roles go in the game.
  3. Players each pick a role from the bag.
  4. Red Token? You’re Evil! Get ready to lie your butt off!
  5. Blue Token? You’re Good! Get ready for some serious sleuthing and maybe a few choice bluffs yourself.

[Blood on the clocktower Rules]

  1. The Storyteller puts everyone to sleep.
  2. Evil players learn who each other are. Good players get their first-night info.
  3. Wake up! Good players will share information, use their abilities, and try to find the demon. Evil players will spread misinformation and protect the demon at all costs.
  4. Each day the Town can execute a player. Each night, players are woken to gain information, perform a special action, or kill.
  5. Good wins when the demon dies. Evil wins when there are two players left alive.
  6. Celebrate, commiserate, then do it all again.