How to enable VT? Easy learn tutorial

Why you should enable VT?

After the VT is enabled, it is not an exaggeration to increase the smoothness of the running emulator by 10 times. The computer play emulator encountered a lot of strange problems and solved it.

Enable VT is only to turn on the virtualization technology of the computer, it will not have a negative impact on our computer, and do not do anything for personal account information security, so that everyone can use it with confidence!


Here’s a video about how to enable VT, check it out!

How to enable VT?

Step 1. Enter into BIOS by pressing F2 during the computer start.
It depends on your motherboard, processor type, chip-set, and OEM. Normally is to press F2 or Delete key.

Step 2. Once booted in BIOS, it will show the main screen.

Step 3. Navigate to Advanced tab. In the Advanced tab select “CPU Configuration”. There we can enable VT option.
Once you select the VT option as shown in the picture, change the value to “enable” and press F10 to SAVE and EXIT.

Then reboot your computer to take effect of the setting.


For more information, please click here to check the complete tutorial.