How to fix Facebook crash issue in Nox App Player?

Due to compatibility issue, Facebook is constantly crashing in Nox App Player. For temporary workarounds, you could:

1. Install the latest Nox App Player 3.1 version in which there’s a compatible version of Facebook Lite pre-loaded. Please make sure not to upgrade it or replace it with any other version. You could download Nox App Player latest version from our official website.

2. If you prefer to stay with Nox 3.0 or even previous versions, you could also download the recommended Facebook Lite version following this link and drag and drop the apk file into your Nox to install it. (Need to turn Root on in Nox System Settings first to share files between your PC and Nox).

If you need further help regarding using Nox App Player, please refer to our previous post for help.