Nox App Player 3.1 release note

What’s different in Nox App Player 3.1?

  1. Pre-loaded a compatible Facebook Lite version
  2. Added error message and solution to Nox crash under some XP systems
  3. Added specific error message when VT is occupied by other programs
  4. Added “stay on top” option
  5. Added “Pause” button for video recording
  6. When Nox crashes due to sudden power off of hosting PC, it will automatically restore the data as of the latest normal startup
  7. Optimized gamepad/controller UI. Users could manage gamepad/controller connection from sidebar shortcut
  8. Fixed “File corrupted” error caused by special characters
  9. Fixed stuck at 99% and have no error message due to unstable internet connection problem
  10. Fixed: keyboard control fail to function after screen rotation
  11. Fixed: Korean, Thailand keyboard input issue
  12. Fixed: when restarted, Nox will keep the language and time changes in Android settings
  13. Fixed: side bar lingering when dragging the main window of Nox
  14. Removed F11 as default shortcut for Full screen


Note: update directly from 3.0 to 3.1 is not available yet.