How to move files between Nox and your computer

FIRST OF ALL: You have to turn on root in Nox system settings as shown below to use this function!




From Nox 2.5.1, screenshots taken in Nox will be automatically saved to the default share folder in your computer. Below is a detail showcase:

1. Click the little scissor button on the side bar to take a screenshot in Nox. There will be a picture sign on the top left corner to show that the picture is successfully taken.


2. Click the little computer sign on the side bar, go to Import File-Open Local Shared Folder, then open the Image folder and you will find the screenshot you just taken.


3. You could also input the file location directly in your computer’s file window to open the shared folder. The file location is: C:\Users\【Your account name】\Documents\Nox_share

4. For other file format, please still refer to the video below for a step by step guidance.


5. Our user has also contributed this YouTube video on how to move files between PC and Nox without root.

13 thoughts on “How to move files between Nox and your computer

    1. Please go to upper right corner System Settings>>General>>Root>>Turn it on>>Save Changes and Restart Nox. Then you will be granted superuser role and have access to all File Manager folders.

    1. First you need to turn Root mode on in Nox system settings, then it should be just similar as shown in this video, just that different file format will be saved to different folders.

  1. Hi, my folder on mnt/shared dont have any folder, and any time i try to give writh rights as soon as i close the file explorer the folder turn back to read only.
    And if i put a file on Documents/Nox_shared/Images or any other folder on Nox_shared, i cant see the file on the PC.
    Already tryied versions 2.5 and 2.5.1, program running on adm mode and with root on.

    Anyone can help?

      1. I will send the screenshots of the nox_shared folder on my PC and the the shared folder on the emulator.

        Thanks for the answer.

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