Error code: 0xc000007b & Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error

For these two types of problems as described below:

1. 0xc000007b Error

2. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error

The solution is: Simply download, unzip & install VC.RedistInstaller1.6 to your PC and restart Nox.



Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error

24 thoughts on “Error code: 0xc000007b & Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error

  1. Unable to play SimCity Buildit, only white screen shown on the screen. Facebook app also crash unable to open facebook app.

    Please fix the problem for SimCity Build app.

    1. Facebook is a known issue and will be fixed in our next release. We will check the issue with SimCity Buildit as well. Thanks a lot for your bug report. 🙂

  2. Can i ask you something ? I play stellacept online , at first time i play and download it, there is nothing happen , when second time screen is split , like mirror , can you help me how to fix it ? Thx

  3. don’t let me add any account to the app to open playstore.. new or existens.. i cant open playstore if the app dont let me add a account.. sorry i dont speak english very well

    1. Is there any error message shown by Play Store? If yes, you could Google by the error message for possible solutions. It’s generally network issue or play store bug.

  4. hey i am unable to play kritika white knights always that stopped message same as facebook is there a way to fix it ? cheers

    1. Hi, As a matter of fact I have just tested Kritika on my PC and it’s running fine. My PC has Windows 7 with Intel i3 processor and 8GB RAM. I think first you need to turn root mode off in Nox system settings because many games ban rooted system. If this still dose not fix the problem, please send the screenshot of the problem and your computer configuration to [email protected] for further help.

  5. Hi, i’ve been having a lot of problems with the google play store and other google services in nox, they crash every minute, this causes an error message constantly poping up on the screen, and even stacking them as they appear, everytime time this happens i deploy a new instance, but the problem comes back after a while, the only game i play on nox is brave frontier.

    1. Sorry, the picture you send is too small and I can’t read the word on it. Could you please send a more clear one to [email protected]? Also, there are many discussion and tutorial considering playstore errors on the internet. You could also try search if someone meet similar problem and have a solution.

  6. Hi..i very love Nox Emulator. Smoth & fast run.
    But sometime i got crash if playing castle clash.

  7. Hi! I recently installed the app, no problem with that.
    However, I can’t seem to download from play store.
    It always freezes everytime I try to download/ push install button.
    Tried closing the app and re-opening but still the same issue.
    Please help.

  8. Install the software and left para Fix error sige giving me should I do? I am using the traducrot of google if my message is not clear

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