Nox App Player 2.5.1 release note

A new version 2.5.1 is now available with the following updates:

1. Add backup/restore function to all Nox instances

2. Screenshot taken in Nox will be saved automatically to the share folder on your PC

3. Optimized keyboard control UI

4. Fixed some compatibility issues

5. Fixed some black-screen scenario


Note: data backuped in Nox 2.5.0 has to convert to .vmdk file to restore in Nox 2.5.1. Here’s a tutorial on how to do the conversion: Convert .nox format backup file to .vmdk format

15 thoughts on “Nox App Player 2.5.1 release note

  1. Ouw man, now Shop Heroes shows as “incompatible with this version” in Google Play Store.

  2. Guys, does this version will finally support connection of external devices to emulator via Bluetooth ?

    1. Hi, Tiago, due to time constraint, we didn’t manage to fix all the game compatibility issues. Most of them has been scheduled to our next release. Stay tuned. 🙂

    1. this mean can i use nox on vmware player 12 or workstation 12 ?
      if possible how ? thanks in advance

  3. Number 2 of this release note is something I request some time ago which other emulator has. I just hope that the game that fine on previous version (2.3.0) will finally run in this newer version (I found that BeatMP3 can’t run on 2.5.0 but run fine on 2.3.0). Also I’d like to see if the installation path can be chosen freely like version 2.3.0 (I hate when they install automatically on C drive AppData, my boot drive is full because of this).

    Oh also I hope this annoying bug (“google.apps.gapps has stopped”) have been gone for good, it happen when I uninstalled Toram Online (which is not working now due to the newest update of the game, not sure if it’s working in this new version of emulator).
    Lastly, the game compatibility from GAMELOFT, yes such as “Order & Chaos 2”, “Minion Rush” (which Bluestacks can run by the way), and Eyedentity games such as “Iron Knights”, “Age if Ishtaria”, & “Grand Sphere”.

  4. new install 2.5.1
    google play service has stopped
    google service framework has stopped
    appear always. It’s very very annoy.

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