How to play Pokémon GO on Mac with Nox App Player Mac beta version


There’s no need to explain how viral Pokémon GO has been in the past month! Though it’s still not officially released in many countries, but with Nox App Player’s help, lots of users could try it out on Windows first. Now this has become possible for Mac users as well! The steps are simple:

Step 1. Get Nox App Player for Mac beta version from here:

Step 2. Install it on your Mac

Step 3. Log into Google Play Store in Nox and download Pokémon GO or go to in the inbuilt browser and download Pokémon GO apk from there.

Step 4. Start Play~ the virtual location and keyboard control feature are exactly the same with the Windows version.


  1. This is only a beta version, thus many features you see in Nox App Player Windows version might not be available here
  2. Drag apk into Nox to install is not possible in this Mac version. You have to get the Pokémon GO apk as instructed in Step 3.