Nox App Player 2.3 release note

We’ve improved! We’ve made some changes to the emulator that will improve your experience. Updates include:

1. Improved keyboard control experience in gaming
2. Fixed Nox can’t start on some operating system
3. Fixed sometimes can’t type with keyboard in Google Play Store
4. Improved accuracy of location in map
5. lowered occupacy of CPU and memory resource

30 thoughts on “Nox App Player 2.3 release note

  1. Wow, Great Android emulator <3
    So much better than BlueStacks in every aspects!

    Thank You
    5 Stars out of 5 😉

  2. Hi,

    I get an error when starting the program:

    Virtual machine errors, restart Nox to repair or contact us! {230e41fc-631a-4e2b-81cc-55fc5e2b2c57}

    I hit ok to restart but still get the same error but I think the number changes.

    Running Windows XP x64 bit if that helps.

      1. If you mean the steps described at “For Windows 64 bit Operating System” then yes I did, but something is wrong in the steps described there.

        I don’t have any of the following files running:

        C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>taskkill /im Nox* /F
        ERROR: The process “Nox*” not found.

        By running the uninst.exe from C:\Program files (x86)\Bignox it removes the Bignox folder and any files it had in there so can’t proceed with step #3 cos %programfiles%\Bignox\BignoxVM\RT points to this folder that just has been removed.

        What I’m missing?

        1. Just to give this a 2nd attempt I continued from step 3, meaning skipped the uninst.exe part but still, nothing changes and get the same error but with different numbers in {} all the time.

          Another problem I noticed was when tried uninstalling the application but it failed giving me some random “Chinese” characters my system doesn’t seem understand and only button was OK so nothing really happened. Thanks to Geek Uninstaller it seems to have removed it.

          Tried with a “fresh” install and nothing really changes.

    1. Hi, Cezar, I have just post a new tutorial on virtual machine error basing on the latest version 2.3:Solutions to virtual machine error. Please check if it could help you fix the problem. I must say that the solutions introduced here are not always universal. If this does not work for you then our developers need to check your computer by reomote control. Get in touch through [email protected] if you need further technical support.

      1. Now I get this error: “This application has failed to start because Normaliz.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

        What should I try next?

        1. Hi, Cezar, this is a problem with your computer system. Your windows is missing this Dynamic Link Library. Please google and download this document Normaliz.dll. Copy it to C:\Windows\System32\, then go to Start-Run, input regsvr32 normaliz.dll and press enter. This will solve the problem.

  3. I really love this app player because of the compatibility for AMD processor. But there is some games that not run (can’t get into menu and crash) such as:
    – Marvel Future Fight
    – Chain Chronicle
    – Chrono Saga
    – Angry Birds 2
    I’m using V_2.3.0.0 with AMD Athlon X2 250, Windows 7 x64. On the other hand, MEmu can run the game above just fine. I haven’t test this game on Intel processor yet, so I don’t know if it will make any difference.

    Below is the game that crash on either Nox or MEmu:
    – Despicable Me/Minion Rush (or any Glu games)
    – Age of Ishtaria (or any Silicon Studio games)
    – Any gameloft games (if not all)

    I have a suggestion for the next release if possible such as:
    – One click memory cleaner on the side button
    – One click screen rotation on the side button
    – Clone existing Emulator and possibility to share to other computer (I have copied the machine but it can’t be detected)
    – Define custom path for “Other”, “App”, and “Image” folders (so it’s not tied to “My Documents/Nox_share” only)

    Thank you and sorry for making such a lot of request!

    1. Hi, Alin, Thanks for your great feedback. I just tried Marvel Future Fight on my computer (Intel i3 processor) and it’s running fine. We will test the games you reported on both AMD and Intel machines and take your suggestions into consideration. Keep feeding us with any thoughts you have on Nox. It’s welcomed.

  4. I have more suggestion for the next release:
    – Ability to unroot (enable or disable), some games are not happy while root is enable such as “Ragnarok: Path of Heroes”, “School Idol”, “Zenonia 5”, “Kritika”, and many more (haven’t tested whole lot of games for that). The good news is that “Avabel Online” (and any similar engine game like “Toram”, “Stellacept”, “Iruna”) doesn’t have any problem with this (in MEmu, they can’t run because Xigncode3 detect some hack tool which is nothing actually).
    – I like one more path for “Music”, I tried modified the “nox.vbox” file but it revert back since the machine automatically revert any change I made (tried to add more custom path but failed).
    – Change the default File Manager to something else, I hate the default, but otherwise I can still download ES File Explorer or Root Explorer for this.
    – Fix the default browser crash while streaming video (tried on AMD but Intel not tested yet). Using other browser seems to be fine (Maxthon, UC Browser stream video just fine).
    – Increase compatibility with the games both for Intel and AMD (obviously).

    At some point my computer crash/bluescreen while the emulator is running (the bluescreen is caused by Cheat Engine however), but when I tried to reboot that VM, it stuck at 99%. But if I create a new VM that doesn’t happen. I think that the bluescreen caused the VM unable to boot properly and I just lost 18GB of data for that (no worries, I still have a good backup).

    Now here is the great tips from me for everyone in case you want to test other VM from other PC:
    Check it out, I made the tutorial on FB (too lazy to make it into a blog) and feel free to repost it. I expect Nox can do it automatically in the future.

  5. Any way to disable or hide the side bar? It sometimes lingers when I fullscreen nox.

    1. Hi, Mobius, at the top of the side bar you will find three very light dots. Click it and the side bar will be hide. Click it again will show the side bar.

      1. Yes I’ve noticed that, but what I mean is in fullscreen mode, when the bar autohides, sometimes it stays and doesn’t hide, and I have to exit fullscreen and enter it again to get it to hide again.

  6. Installation done without problem, but when starting it comes an error message “error 0xc000007b”

    I’m using win10 x64, already tried run as admin, also compatibility to win7 but nothing seems solved the problems.

  7. I like nox. But could you update your system to support armeabi-v7a? I think several newest game need to run in that android system. (i.e: vainglory). Please support that. Thanks

    1. Nox do support armeabi-v7a, but there are a few games including vainglory which have compatibility issue. our developers are working on them. Please stay tuned for our updates. ^_^

        1. Sure. You could follow us on facebook by clicking the facebook icon on the right side of this page. We update these informations there as well.

    1. I have a small video showing how to do that, but haven’t figure out how to attach it to wordpress blog. I have sent it to you by email. Please have a look.

  8. Could anyone help me? I’m running an older computer with Windows 8.1 Pro, and it keeps crashing every time I try to log into Google Play. It says, “Unfortunately, Google Account Manager has stopped.”

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