PUBG’s Future Includes New Map, Gunplay Changes, And Potentially New Engine And Mods

The developers of the popular battle royale game PUBG have released a roadmap for what to expect this year and beyond, and it includes a new map, anti-cheat updates, changes to game mechanics, and potentially a change to a brand-new game engine.

Starting with potentially the biggest change, PUBG Studios said its ambition is to help PUBG thrive for years to come, and as part of that, the developer is testing the game on a new engine.

“We are currently testing out various options and attempting to port one of our maps to a new engine version. Please bear in mind that this is not yet decided whether this transition will be possible, however we will do our best to give it a try,” the developer said. “While details are still being ironed out, we will make sure to give you updates in the future.”

PUBG's future is coming into focus
PUBG’s future is coming into focus

The studio is also looking into the possibility of adding modding to PUBG, which has been a highly requested feature from fans. Similar to other games, players could create and share game modes and maps, but importantly, the studio has not confirmed if it will follow through and actually release this.

Another feature that is being explored for PUBG is new destruction elements, which the developer said could bring a “whole new level of strategy to the game.”

“Players will have the ability to alter their surroundings which might add a fresh dynamic to the classic PUBG gameplay formula,” the developer explained. “Although some of these challenges may not become reality, we believe that they are worth pursuing and will inevitably lead to a new era for PUBG. We hope that you’ll join us on this exciting journey towards an even more thrilling battle royale experience.”

On the more immediate horizon, PUBG Studios said it will focus this year on making standard PUBG matches less stressful and more enjoyable overall.

“In 2023, we aim to alleviate those stress factors and increase enjoyment by providing a variety of content. Changes planned to improve Normal Match include improving item/Blue Zone/vehicle spawn rates, revamping tactical gear, and adding a new revive system,” the studio said. “Overall, our intent is to minimize the stress in Normal Match by improving various elements without compromising the core gameplay.”

As for gunplay changes, PUBG Studios is planning to reach a balance between 5.56mm and 7.62mm weapons to offer a better experience. The studio is looking into the possibility of adding underbarrel attachments and “resistance” to add new mechanics to create “interesting gameplay.”

“This will allow players to make strategic choices with weapons they have not used often and eventually lead to a variety of choices that match each player’s playstyle,” the team said.

Also in the works for PUBG in 2023 is a new map–Neon. Described as one of the “biggest challenges” the studio has ever faced, the Neon map aims to offer something new for the world of PUBG.

“The creation of this map was inspired by one of the most unique places on earth that combines both modern and traditional elements. While this map presents one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced, we’re confident that it will be worth it in the end,” the studio said. “The map will feature multiple areas, ranging from a modern city full of gleaming skyscrapers to a more traditional rural area that creates a truly unique atmosphere that hasn’t been yet seen in PUBG,” the studio said.

PUBG Studios is also planning a “new gameplay system” for the Neon map that will offer a “new way of obtaining items” that could shake up the core gameplay dynamics.

“And finally there are quite a few gameplay additions planned for this map like: new unique weapons, cars, dynamic weather, and other cool visuals, so prepare yourselves for an unforgettable PUBG experience at the end of this year,” the team said.

The full roadmap blog post contains many more details on the future of PUBG, including new game modes, an updated tutorial, improved social features, a clan system, anti-cheat updates, and details on how PUBG Studios is using advanced machine learning systems to make PUBG better.

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