Hearthstone: Festival Of Legends Card Reveal – Millhouse Manastorm Drops The Beat

The next Hearthstone expansion, Festival of Legends, centers around a huge music festival with all the classes represented by different music genres. The Mage class is represented by EDM, and its Legendary spell features an infamous gnomish mage dropping the beat, to the max.

Millhouse Manastorm dons some stylish shades for the Legendary spell, Infinitize the Maxitude. The 2-cost Mage spell lets you discover another spell, which is not all that maxitude by itself. But paired with the new Festival of Legends keyword, Finale, it provides the elusive promise of infinite value. Finale effects trigger whenever you spend the last of your Mana on a card, and this particular Finale effect returns the card back to your hand. As long as you spend your last two Mana on it, you’ll get Infinitize the Maxitude right back, ready to use again the next turn.

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The Festival of Legends expansion is coming in April. In addition to the new Finale keyword, each class will get its own musical Legendary minion along with a spell that represents their biggest chart-topper. Some classes will also get instrument-themed weapons, and Soloist minions will have special Battlecry effects that trigger if they’re your only minion on the board. New Harmonic spells will also have two different states, harmonic and dissonant, which will swap every turn they’re in your hand. Finally, Priest will be getting a major overhaul alongside this expansion, with a new keyword called Overheal.

You can log in now to claim a free ETC Band Manager card, which for the first time lets you create a three-card sideboard in Hearthstone. Preorders are now available for Festival of Legends, as a standard bundle or Mega bundle. The standard bundle includes 60 packs, two random Legendaries, and a Hedanis card back. The Mega bundle includes 80 packs, 10 golden packs, two golden Legendaries, Hedanis Priest hero skin, and the card back.

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