Diablo Immortal Is Getting A Boss Rush Mode

Diablo Immortal’s latest update will let players tackle the game’s various raid bosses back-to-back, with bragging rights and an exclusive reward up for grabs for top performers.

Coming to Blizzard’s free-to-play mobile ARPG on May 10 for the Americas and May 9 everywhere else in the world, the Helliquary Gauntlet will let players duke it out with all five of the game’s raid bosses in succession in order to claim additional rewards. The new mode will only unlock after players have defeated Catarag, The Strangling Sun, on Hell VIII difficulty.

The 10 players who complete the gauntlet the fastest each week will temporarily unlock an exclusive avatar frame, and those who hold their spot in the top-10 for an entire monthly season will gain the reward permanently.

Blizzard with this update will also bring some major balance changes to various classes and Legendary items. For starters, all of the game’s ranged classes (ie Demon Hunter, Necromancer, and Wizard) will receive a built-in 15% damage reduction buff. This goes alongside the 30% damage reduction buff that has always been present for the game’s melee classes.

Adjustments have also been made to the Accursed Towers game mode added as part of Diablo Immortal’s last major content update. The Tower of Fortitude that granted a 20% increase to PvP damage for the clan that held it will be changed to provide a 10% increase to Life in Battlegrounds, Challenge of the Immortal, the Rite of Exile, and Shadow Wars instead.

The update additionally sees the return of the fan-favorite limited-time event the Fractured Plane, where players attempt to clear their way through a 15-floor gauntlet with pre-selected skills and whatever gear they find along the way. The Scorched Sea and Shady Stocks events also return, allowing players some additional ways to earn items in exchange for completing daily tasks. Last but not least, the May 10 update will kick off the game’s 13th season and introduce another battle pass.

Be sure to check out Blizzard’s official patch notes for all the details. In other Diablo news, new seasonal content for Diablo III will soon come to an end, while Diablo IV’s seasons will introduce new content every three months and its battle passes will take around 80 hours to complete. Players will get one last chance to take Diablo IV for a spin ahead of launch as part of the game’s upcoming Server Slam weekend, which runs from May 12-14.

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