PUBG Mobile Is Adding Dinosaurs, And It Looks Awesome

The next PUBG Mobile update is probably not what you expected. The version 2.6 update, which releases on May 18, will add dinosaurs to the popular battle royale game.

The Dinoground event, as its called, runs until June 18. As part of it, players can find dinosaur settlements on the maps Erangel and Livik that are full of dinosaurs and supplies. Players can unlock and ride the velociraptors, pterosaurs, and T-Rex after taming them. Velociraptors can jump high to help you get up on tall surfaces, pterosaurs can fly you around the map and grab enemies with their talons, and the mega-powerful T-Rex can carry four people and deal a lot of damage. Check out the trailer below to see the creatures in action.

There are dinosaur-themed minigames, too, including Pterosaur Hoops, which calls on players to ride the create and soar through hoops hanging from hot air balloons. The other minigame is called Velociraptor Jumping, and players need to ride the creatures and jump to high platforms to find treasure.

Beyond the dinosaur-themed mode, PUBG Mobile’s 2.6 update adds more upgrades and improvement to the game’s creative mode, World of Wonder. A new multiplayer platformer racing template is being added, too.

Finally, the developer teased that a “world-renowned elite motorcycle brand” is partnering with PUBG Mobile and the details will be announced soon.

You can read the full patch notes at PUBG Mobile’s website to get all the details.

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