Nic Cage Is Playing Nic Cage In Dead By Daylight

Actor Nicolas Cage is coming to the video game Dead by Daylight, and the Oscar-winner showed up at Summer Game Fest 2023 to promote it and discuss how the collaboration came to be.

Appearing on stage alongside host Geoff Keighley, the National Treasure star said he is “always looking for new adventures,” and joining a video game felt like the right next step. He said appearing in the video game will help him reach a “whole new audience” of video game fans.

He said it took him only a “split-second” to say yes to appearing in Dead by Daylight, adding that someone in his family is a big fan of the game, too.

Cage will be playing himself, Nicolas Cage, in Dead by Daylight. He is doing the voice work for his character, too, including screams, grunts, and any “minimal exasperated expression.” He plays a “heightened, exaggerated version” of himself who takes a trip into the woods to a place where he believes he’s making a movie. However, he wakes up in the fog, surrounded by crows and serial killers. “It’s rather amusing,” Cage said.

Cage comes to Dead by Daylight on July 25 for PC and console, but PC players can jump in starting July 5 with the Player Test Build of the game.

As for Cage, he recently portrayed Dracula in the movie Renfield. Cage recently described what he thinks happens when we die–as well as saying he has memories when he was in his mother’s womb.

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