Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 NPC Locations – All 16 Characters And What They Sell

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 brings back NPCs, which you could’ve guessed since they’ve now been in the game consistently for more than two years. Each season of new Fortnite characters to meet and greet means new dialogue lines, new items or services to buy from them, and debuts of recently revealed characters. This season is no different, with a sweet group of 16 Fortnite NPCs to meet. Here’s every character’s location plus what goods or services they can offer you to help claim your next Victory Royale.

All NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

There are currently 16 characters to find on the island. Below you’ll see where they are on the map, what they sell, and whether you can hire them.

All 16 Fortnite NPCs in Chapter 4 Season 3.
All 16 Fortnite NPCs in Chapter 4 Season 3.
Number NPC Location Items for sale Can you hire them?
1 Fennix East of The Citadel Combat SMG, Fireflies No
2 Volpez Southwest of Brutal Bastion Disguise, SMG No
3 Innovator Slone Southeast of Rumble Ruins Flapjack Rifle, Grenades No
4 Aura Southeast of Slone’s location Thermal DMR, Holo-Chest Keys No
5 Nia Steamy Springs Heavy Sniper, Tactical Pistol No
6 Guardian Amara Brutal Bastion Kinetic Boomerang, Small Shield Potions No
7 Trace East of Rumble Ruins Thermal DMR, Tactical Pistol No
8 Peely Shady Stilts Shadow Tracker, Bananas No
9 Purradise Meowscles West of Creeky Compound Havoc Pump Shotgun, Shield Potions No
10 Remedy Frenzy Fields Med-Mist Yes (Medic Specialist)
11 Triage Trooper Slappy Shores Med Kit Yes (Medic Specialist)
12 Kitbash Breakwater Bay Maven Auto Shotgun Yes (Heavy Specialist)
13 Beastmode North of Mega City Drum Shotgun Yes (Heavy Specialist)
14 Insight Rumble Ruins Storm Circle Intel Yes (Scout Specialist)
15 Longshot West of The Citadel Storm Circle Intel Yes (Scout Specialist)
16 Munitions Expert North of Kenjutsu Crossing Weapon upgrades Yes (Supply Specialist)

As more NPCs arrive, we’ll be sure to update our guide as well. For a lot more on Fortnite’s wild new update, don’t miss the new weapons, map changes, vault locations, and a lot more in our Chapter 4 Season 3 hub.

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