Hearthstone Whizbang’s Workshop Card Reveal: Dr. Boom’s Explosive Return

Hearthstone is preparing to celebrate its 10-year anniversary with in-game events as well as a new expansion that pays homage to some of the most iconic moments from the game’s last decade. One of the most infamous cards during the early days of Hearthstone was Dr. Boom, a 7-mana juggernaut that became an absolute must-have. For the Whizbang’s Workshop expansion, the good doctor is bringing a whole series of Warrior mech cards with dangerously explosive synergy.

It centers around Testing Dummy, a 6-mana 4/8 Taunt minion that packs a walloping eight damage at random enemies when it gets destroyed. That by itself is dangerous enough, but then you have several more cards built around getting multiple uses out of your poor dummies.

First, Quality Assurance is a cheap 2-mana spell that will fetch your Testing Dummies, or any other taunt minions your deck happens to include. You can also use the 3-mana Wreck’em and Deck’em spell (where you can spot Dr. Boom himself) to make a copy of your Testing Dummy that will attack a random enemy, and then self-destruct to trigger its deathrattle. Finally, you can use Dr. Boom’s trusty Boom Wrench to trigger the deathrattle of a friendly mech, like Testing Dummy. Plus your Boom Wrench has the new keyword Miniaturize, which creates a mini 1-durability copy of itself.

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With a little setup, you could already have your Boom Wrench equipped when you play your Testing Dummy. Then you can play Wreck’em and Deck’em, use your mini-wrench to destroy the big wrench, and attack with the little wrench to get two more triggers of your dummy’s deathrattle. All of that totals a whopping 29-damage from a three-card combo, and you’ll still have a surviving dummy left on the board. That’s enough explosions to make Dr. Boom proud.

The 10-year celebration has already kicked off with an in-game event that rewards a special “gift” card for each class, as well as a unique 10-year cosmetic coin. When Whizbang’s Workshop launches, it will also usher in the Year of the Pegasus, which will mean a new Core Set of cards in the rotation. Pre-purchases are now available for Whizbang’s Workshop as well, in two tiers.

  • Whizbang’s Workshop Standard Bundle
    • 60 card packs
    • Two random Legendary cards
    • Patches the Pirate card back
  • Whizbang’s Workshop Mega Bundle
    • 80 card packs
    • 10 golden packs
    • One signature Legendary
    • One Golden Legendary
    • Patches the Pirate rogue hero skin
    • Patches the Pirate card back

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