Nvidia GeForce Now To Introduce Ads To Its Free Tier

Starting on March 5, Nvidia GeForce Now’s free tier will display up to two minutes of ads before the game boots up. GeForce Now is one of many streaming services to add ad-supported tiers over the last few months.

Nvidia spoke to The Verge about the coming change. Spokesperson Stephanie Ngo wrote, “Free users will start to see up to two minutes of ads while waiting in queue to start a gaming session.” The paid tiers of GeForce Now, Priority and Ultimate, will not be affected. Ads will not interrupt play, but display while users are waiting in the queue for each free hour of games. Nvidia claims the ads will help pay for the service and reduce load times for free users. Nvidia sent emails to free tier users on February 27, informing them of the changes.

Earlier last year, Nvidia added RTX 4080 support to GeForce Now for Ultimate users. Nvidia has promised day-passes for Priority and Ultimate tiers for those looking to try the higher tiers of cloud gaming service without shelling out for a monthly subscription. The day passes have yet to release and will cost $4 for Priority and $8 for Ultimate. Microsoft recently committed to bringing more Xbox games to GeForce Now, including Call of Duty.

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