NoxPlayer V6.6.0.8 Release Note

What’s new

1. Brand new keyboard/controller UI, more simple and attractive;

2. Smart-casting adds the option of quick/manual cast and supports to keep or stop movement after casting the skill, easier to play MOBA games;

3. Supports to set the mouse scroll to perform【 Single click】 and 【Multistrike】now!

4. Supports the【combined key 】in MOBA games now! and supports to write a script to run more commands;

5. Supports to customize the name of Macro/Script, the Macro is named script now.

What’s optimized

1. Greatly optimize the keyboard control scheme to make the direction/view control smoother and flexible;

2. Cancel the 【Move control/move with the right-click】widget’s key setting to make the operation more concise; More information about the keymapping: click here

3. Simplify the Zoom operation, and set the zoom within the keyboard control;

4. Optimized GPS simulation, make it more convenient ;

5. Optimize the script panel to make the setting easier;

6. Optimize the drag and drop installation process;

7. Incorporating the function of view control which is set by the mouse and keyboard, which is all called view control and easier to understand;

What’s fixed

1. Fix the problem that can’t pause the recording by the shortcut F3 while recording the script;

2. Fix the problem of failing to return to the home page, recent tasks, and the mouse focus failure in the case of opening the multi-instance;

3. Fix the occasional keyboard abnormal display under the custom window;

4. Fix the issue that the last command doesn’t take effect when the macro command loop is delay;


1. Fix the problems of text conflicts in some games, when the text in the input box is the same as the background color, which will make the input characters unclear.

Experience our new function now!

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