One Punch Man: Road to Hero Tips & Tricks

One Punch Man: Road to Hero is an RPG where you can relive the legendary adventures of Saitama, Genos, and company, the protagonists of the fun manganime One-Punch Man. The battles in One Punch Man: Road to Hero are turn-based, and you can include up to five heroes in your group simultaneously. In every turn you’ll get energy points you can use to activate special attacks by your character. Some special attacks cost more energy points and are more useful against certain kinds of enemies, meaning you’ll have to learn to use them at the most appropriate time.

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Here are 5 basic Tips & Tricks you need to know for the game:

Get Familiar with Your Character Roster

Each character within your roster has their own unique skillsets and attributes. Study their skillsets and roles to maximize their potential:

– Pursuit System: Role skills can cause the enemy to be repelled, knocked down, or left floating in the air. For example, character roles with a pursuit skill can continue striking the opponent and deliver continuous hits.

– Talent System: Every character has a different talent system. Unlocking new skills and upgrading special characteristics is important. Some roles have a higher attack rating; Tanks have a higher HP rating that makes them great for defensive maneuvers.

– Jewelry System: Experiment with freely adapting jewelry accessories to receive different effects and attributes, such as defense and attack boosts, to create a unique character.

Character Formations and Battle Positioning Matters

Formations and positioning are key to survival and for winning strategies. For example, tank-type characters can be placed in front to absorb damage, or they can be placed in the back to give them time to unleash their max firepower on their enemies. Your current party members mainly auto-attack enemies directly adjacent to their own row, while enemies attack the same way — take this into account when positioning your team before a battle.


Dispatch your strongest characters to undergo missions and receive great experience and rewards. Characters who are on a dispatch mission can still be used during battles, so make use of this handy method to acquire even more rewards.

Complete all the challenges for recruitment orders

To recruit new characters in One-Punch Man: Road to Hero, you will need special summon tokens or the premium currency of the game. A good way to earn recruitment orders is to complete all three challenges in the stage, as the reward for doing so is often a recruitment order. This means that you will need to eliminate all enemies and not let any of your characters go down in battle. You need lots of recruitment orders to get better characters, so be sure to get as many as possible.

Visit the House of Evolution to star-level upgrade

In addition to the strength medals, you will need special “certificates” to star-upgrade your characters. These can be gotten from the House of Evolution, a mysterious building housing multiple foes of varying strengths. Each type of hero belongs to a class, and each class has its own certificate. Find the right one and battle to earn certificates! The House of Evolution unlocks after you defeat Mosquito Girl in chapter 2.

Download One-Punch Man: Road to Hero on PC