Princess Connect! Re: Dive on PC-Full Guide and Tier List

Princess Connect! Re: Dive, a fantasy RPG that aims to start a real-time battle with charming heroines and anime, gets hot popularity as it is based on Princess Connect! Re: Dive anime. By downloading Princess Connect! Re: Dive on PC via NoxPlayer,  people can recruit your heroine and assemble a party to battle on a big screen. Here is a tier list and gameplay for beginners:

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Global Guide: Tips for Playing Princess Connect! Re: Dive on PC with NoxPlayer

1. The blue progress bar means the character’s TP, which can unleash a powerful Union Burst when it is charged, so please give the OK sign to give them the order.

2. Assemble a party to protect you from all harm. The character will fight in the order automatically and defeat the boss.

3. There are different attribution of characters: Front offensive, front defensive, middle, back, reroll, and overall. And check Princess Connect! Re: Dive wiki to know the tier list.

4. Equip your character to increase their stats, and a single character can only equip up to 6 items at once. After equipping 6 items, you can increase their rank.

5. Utilize the keyset to skip the episde or the dialoge. For instance, set space to skip the story.

Here is the effect:

6. Complete the main quest and follow the stroyline

Here is the trailer video:

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Gameplay: How to Download Princess Connect! Re: Dive on PC with NoxPlayer

    1. Download NoxPlayer
    2. Click Tools👉Google play👉Sign-in Google account
    3. Download Princess Connect! Re: Dive on pc or import the apk to the emulator