Play Rescue Machine on PC with NoxPlayer

Rescue Machine, a puzzle game with the aim to rescue the people by connecting the wheel gear and building a machine, has reached over 10,0000 installs since it is released. With playing Rescue Machine on PC, people can play the game with a bigger screen and don’t need to worry about the battery.

Tips for Playing Rescue Machine on PC with NoxPlayer

1. Try to utilize the wheel gear to connect the chain and then make the machine run to move the stone.

2. There will be also some obstacles and you need to motivate your imagination and help the people at risk.

3. For instance, there is a fire on the ground as the picture, and you need to connect the wheel gear and let water pour into the ground to put out the fire.

How to Download Rescue Machine on PC with NoxPlayer

  1. Download NoxPlayer
  2. Click Tools👉Google play👉Sign-in Google account

3. Install Rescue Machine on PC