How to Add Different Android Versions/Upgrade ROM

When do you need different Android versions?

1. The game requires a higher Android version( only Android 6.0 or above can be downloaded)
2.Game stability:  Android 5 is more stable than Android 7
3. Upgrade the latest ROM version: play fixed games & enjoy new features

What are the differences among different versions?

Android 4: suitable for low-end computers, but some games with higher Android version requirements are no longer supported. If the game requires higher Android versions, you can’t search or download on the Google Play.

Android 5: Best game compatibility, suitable for most users

Android 7: Suitable for games that require a higher version. If you cannot find the game in the Google Store in the above two versions, you can try to use this version to play the game.

How to Add a new emulator?

  • Click Mul-drive on the toolbar
  • Click  to choose the Android version or directly click 【Add emulator
  • Run the new emulator

Note: when you directly add an emulator, the Andriod version of the new emulator will be in accordance with your original emulator by default.

How to upgrade the Android ROM?

  • Click Multi-drive on the toolbar
  • Click Settings→Android Update
  • Upgrade the Rom if you are not the latest Rom