How to use Macro Recoder on NoxPlayer

A macro recorder is a piece of software that records user actions for playback at a later time.Below is a simple gif that shows how it works

NoxPlayer has added several new features on V6.0.3.0, here are the basic and advanced instructions.


Here are the instructions of some most frequently used and also very useful functions.


  1. START/RESUME,press to start recording script. After paused, press to resume recording.
  2. PAUSE, press to pause.
  3. STOP, press when finished recording, the script will be saved below.
  4. MARCO RECORDING LIST, press to hide the list, press again to show it.
  5. RENAME, the script will be saved as “Record 1” , press this button to rename it.
  6. PLAY, press to play the script.
  7. ADVANCED SETTINGS, this will allow you to adjust the time of playing, times of looping separately, more detail in 【2】ADVANCED SETTINGS.
  8. DELETE, press to delete the script.
  9. EXPORT, press and select the script you want to export.

Select the place you want to export


10.IMPORT, press to import a previously exported script.






①Put in how many times you want to play the script, it will stop after finished.

②Select this, and it will only stop when the stop button is pressed.

③Put in the time you want it to replay, and it will stop when time runs out.

2.INTERVAL, put in the time for interval, it will stop until the next replay.

3.ACCELERATION, select this and it will accelerate the loop.




①Set for the amount of time before restarting the emulator.

②Select this and the emulator will start operating the script automatically when started.