Why my multiple instances disappeared?

Sudden power off or unusual way of turning off your PC will result in the multiple instances disappearing issue. It could be that your previous multiple instances all disappear or your new-added instance disappear every time after you quit Nox. We have take precautions to avoid this in Nox 3.1 and above versions. So, If possible, please use 3.1 and above version before you run into this problem.

For those already experiencing this problem, here’s a possible solution though we don’t guarantee that your data will be 100% restored.

Step 1. Open this folder: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\MultiPlayerManager

Step 2. Delete the documents in the opened folder.

By far, the newly added instance disappearing after quit Nox issue should be fixed. But your multi-instances before the sudden power off are not restored yet. Please go on with the below steps if you want to try restore them as well.

Step 3. Right click the Nox shortcut on your desktop >> Open file location >> Rename the folder “BignoxVMS” as “BignoxVMS1”

Step 4. Open multi instance management panel. There should be only the main instance now. Add as many instances as you have before. (Do not start any of them after creation completes. Do not close the multi instance management panel as well.)

Step 5. Go back to the folder in step 3, you will find there’s a new “BignoxVMS” folder, delete it and change the name of “BignoxVMS1” back to “BignoxVMS”.

Step 6. Now in the multi instance management panel start each instance one by one. Make sure to start all the instances. After successful startup you could close them.

That’s all you try to recover your instances and data in these cases.