How to Customize Keyboard Mapping for Apex Legends Mobile on NoxPlayer

Download NoxPlayer Emulator, play Apex Legends Mobile on PC with keyboard and mouse control


2021/3/17 update: if the game crashes upon startup on your end, please 1. check if your VPN is connected successfully 2. restart NoxPlayer and try relaunching the game.


Keep reading to know about:

1. How to fix mouse stuttering issue (low sensitivity)

  • 1-1 switch to Android 7 32-bit of NoxPlayer
  • 1-2 modify cursor sensitivity on NoxPlayer
  • 1-3 increase in-game sensitivity

2. Use the optimized keybinds (or customize your own version)

  • check out how to customize keybinds (including the D-pad/shooting mode key/macro)

3. Improve overall performance on NoxPlayer:

  • 3-1 assign more CPU & RAM to NoxPlayer
  • 3-2 Enable high framerate (120fps) (might only work on high-end PC)
  • 3-3 config screen resolution


1. Fix cursor issues on NoxPlayer

1-1 Switch to Android 7 (32-bit)

Check your Android version here:

If you are not on Android 7 32-bit and you are having cursor issues or you are not satisfied with the overall framerate performance, switch to Android 7 (32-bit) in Multi-instance manager on NoxPlayer. In the new emulator instance, you’ll have to download the game again. You can manager multiple emulators on the dashboard.

To know more about the differences among these Android versions, check our FAQ


1-2 Modify cursor sensitivity

2022/3/10 update: The cursor issue is now fixed. You can simply use the updated default keysets that we’ve set for you. Use this one >> [optimized keybinds (latest)]

We’ll introduce how to customize your own version of the keys in section 2



1-3 Increase in-game sensitivity

you can also optimize the overall sensitivity of the game in settings >> sensitivity >> change it to high.

Also don’t forget to modify [sensitivity acceleration]. We would recommend you increase it.

Join our Discord Server here if you are still having trouble. Other gamers have suggested ways to optimize the gaming experience on Nox:

Full credit to Karl!!


2. Customize keybinds

NoxPlayer provides a set of keyboard mapping for users to control the game with the smart key to make the gameplay simpler and more convenient. There are 15+ keys totally in the keyboard configuration, which can be combined with each other and applied to different games according to different demands.

If you want to set your own version of the keysets, please make sure:

1. when you customize your own key settings, the shooting mode key cannot be placed too close to the right frame, but it still needs to be placed on the right part of the screen.

2. Just a heads up here: if your cursor stutters (not sensitive enough) a lot, try increasing the horizontal and vertial sensitivities of the shooting mode key:

3. do not forget to enable the [cursor reset] option in the shooting mode key.

4. Sprint can be enabled in the settings of D-pad

For a detailed introduction on all keys, check our FAQ: General introduction on keyboard mapping

Of course, we also support controller mapping, for more details check here

If you want to customize your own version to control your game moves easier, keep reading for a short tutorial.


2-1 How to set keys in general

1. Enter the game

2. Click the [Keyset] icon to open the key mapping configuration dashboard

3. Press the key >> hold it >> drag it to where you want it to be

4. For the most used key [single click], you’ll need to customize a keybind for it, so that when you tap the key on your keyboard, a spell/ skill/ move can be cast correspondingly.


Recommended keys for Apex Legends Mobile

1. Shooting Mode: this is the special mode for shooting in FPS games, which means you can hide the cursor and control the view with the mouse. In this mode, you can control the view more conveniently by moving your mouse directly. Usually, we use the key “`” for it. So to enable FPS mode in the game, simply tap ` on your keyboard.

2. Fire: fire a weapon with left-click directly (we recommend you use this under the shooting mode)

3. D-pad: a must-use. Drag it to where it should be to control moving directions.

4. single click: customize keys for jumping, crouching, landing, healing and others.

5. Macro: A Macro(Script) is a series of actions based on the commands you set on NoxPlayer that can be executed in sequence with one click. This can be a little complicated, but we’ve got you covered. If you want to set your own macro, check our tutorial.

An example here: Press [Tab] to open your package >> hold the key to shortly exit the shooting mode and release [tab] to enter the shooting mode again.


3. Improve overall performance

3-1 Assign more CPU & RAM usage to NoxPlayer

Choose 4-core+4096MB

3-2 Enable High FPS Mode for Apex Legends Mobile

1. Click the [settings] icon at the top right corner >> enter the [Gaming] tab >> check the [enable high FPS mode (120 FPS)] option >> click [OK]

Please noted that this option is only recommended for high-end PC devices.

3-3 Config screen resolution

Our recommendation: Tablet mode >> 1600×900


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