How To Avoid Bundleware During The Installation of NoxPlayer

There have been a few complaints from our users lately about the bundleware detected as malware, especially for Segurazo. To make a further explanation, as antivirus software, Segurazo is totally safe software. The reason that it will be detected as malware is that there is a competitive relationship between every antivirus software. If you already have antivirus software on your PC like Avast, Segurazo will be detected as malware because of the competitive relationship. 

If you do not want any bundleware during the installation of NoxPlayer, no worries, this article will show you how to avoid bundleware during the installation of NoxPlayer.

Step 1

You will see a similar installation interface like this. Just click the “Reject” button to refuse to download such bundleware to your PC.

Step 2

If you have already download the bundleware that you do not need, please uninstall the bundleware first and do not forget to click the “Reject” button in the next install or overwrite install.

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