How to Clean Up Disk Space on NoxPlayer?

Clean up disk space can help NoxPlayer to have better performance. Please follow the guidelines to learn how to clean up disk space and the things that you need to pay attention to during the cleanup process.

  • Clean Up Disk Space on NoxPlayer
  1. Open NoxPlayer and click “Mul-drive” on the toolbar or just click the “Multi-drive” icon  on the desktop of your PC

2. Select the instance that you want to clean and click the cleanup button

You can also clean up the disk while NoxPlayer is running, just click the “Settings” button on the upper right → select “Clean & Backup” → click “Clean up” to clean up disk space

  • Things that you need to pay attention to
  1. Please do not cancel during the cleanup process 
  2. Please do not close NoxPlayer during the cleanup process
  3. If you are using a guest account for some particular games, please bind the game data with your real account. The guest account data cannot be recovered under this circumstance
  4. Please back up the data in case that some data will be lost. Here is the guide to back up the data: Click here.