Play Epic Race 3D on PC with NoxPlayer

Epic race 3D, a racing game with the goal to complete the parkours by avoiding different obstacles, gets more and more popular among players. By far, Epic race 3D has reached 5,000,000+ install on Google Play.

With simple and easy gameplay, people from all age groups can have a better understanding of the game. With NoxPlayer, you can also play the game on a full-size screen.

Tips for Playing Epic Race 3D on PC with NoxPlayer

1.Hold to run and you need to observe the surrounding situation and the route where has obstacles and how to avoid the obstacles.

2. The key is a suitable time to run and avoid all obstacles.

3. when you first play the game, you will contest with your competitors and win the first award. and after you finish the first round parkours, the game allows 3-players battle mode.

How to Download Epic Race 3D on PC

  1. Download NoxPlayer
  2. Click Tools👉Google play👉Sign-in Google account
  3. Install Epic Race 3D on PC