Play Saint Seiya : Awakening on PC with NoxPlayer

Saint Seiya: Awakening, the authentic copyrights by Masami Kurumada, restores the classic story of its original comics. With NoxPlayer, you can use a keyboard to play the RPG and get a better gaming experience.

In the game, Saint Seiya: Awakening make everyone join the journey of the legendary, try your best to fight and become the strongest Saint.

Tips for Playing Saint Seiya: Awakening on PC with NoxPlayer

  1. Focus on awakening 4 core units for the game, does not matter what kind of team you decide to run or who do you like as a Saint, who is a staple in 99% of the teams and focus on them early.
  2. Gold comes so naturally that players don’t need to worry about it since side story, train hall and legion dungeons will be the more important goal.
  3. For Diamonds, you can get around 200-300 roughly every day when you complete every daily mission on the game (aside from stories), arena gives a chunk every time you climb up a division and achievements for doing various things or events.
  4. For team-building, remember not to slap 6 S Saints and expect 100% win-rate, A and B Saints are as important since they are gonna fill the blanks your S Saints leave.

How to Download Saint Seiya: Awakening on PC

  1. Download NoxPlayer
  2. Click Tools👉Google play👉Sign-in Google account
  3. Install Saint Seiya: Awakening