The Solution for Stucking at 0-99% in Startup

There are 4 methods to solve the problem when you stuck at 0-99% in startup of the emulator:

First Method

If you never start the emulator normally, please follow the guide:

Second Method

If you start the emulator normally before and it stucks at 99% suddenly, please try to create a new emulator:

  • Click Mul-drive on the toolbar
  • Click  to choose the Andriod version or directly click 【Add emulator
  • Run the new emulator

Note: when you directly add an emulator, the Andriod version of the new emulator will be in accordance with your original emulator by default.

Here is a guide to add different Andriod versions: Click here

Third Method

If you are the Mac users, please click here.

Fourth Method

If all the methods as below don’t work for you, please contact us by mail: [email protected] or official Facebook.