Uninstall the system patch KB41000347 to increase CPU performance

After updated the system patch KB41000347 on Windows 10, it caused the emulator lag on some user’s computer. The following steps will detail how to uninstall this patch for the Emulator to run smoother again. We have run some tests before this operation and the result was obvious, CPU performance has increased by 12% after uninstalling the patch compared to before.   Uninstallation method:  

  • Method 1
  1. Open Control Panel and click on “Uninstall a program” in the “Programs” group.
  2. In the menu to the left of the newly opened window, click on “View installed updates”.
  3. Scroll through the list of updates until you get to the “Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB41000347)” in it.
  4. Right click with the mouse button on the heading identified and then click on “Uninstall”.
  5. Confirm “Yes” to the confirmation message, and wait for the end of the uninstallation.


  • Method 2
  1. Select the Start button,and then choose “Settings” > “Update and security” > “Windows update” > “Update History” > In the top left click on “Uninstall update”.
  2. Select the update you want to uninstall and right-click then press “Uninstall”.

  You will need to restart your computer to make the changes effective. Even after uninstalling the patch, Windows might want to install it again. Remember to check for future updates carefully or to turn off the system automatic update patch.   Uninstalling system patches might be subject to unknown risks. Please decide for yourself whether you uninstall it or not. Therefore, Nox is not responsible or liable for any damage that may be caused.