World Flipper Complete Tier List – Know Who to Pick

To top up your performances and win more battles, check the tier list below to know who to pick before entering World Flipper!

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This tier list sets the ranking scale from SS to B, with SS being the best:

  • SS: Essentially best. Can stop rerolling if get this
  • S: Incredibly good.
  • A: Good but more conditional
  • B: Can train if it’s your only 5-star but not totally worth it


SS CLARISSE FIRE Debuffer (Fire Resist Down / Dispel), Buffer (Fire Skills / DMG Up) || Fast skill rotation, Dispel attached to skill
SS VERON DARK DPS / Self-buff (ATK) / Buffer (Piercing) || Extremely easy to use || Piercing makes him easy to slot in any element
S CAGLIOSTRO THUNDER Healer || Some DPS attached to healing || Buffs Thunder units with Leader skill
S PHIRIA WIND Healer || Float buff allows party to not fall / lose speed || Pure support, may not be as useful in off-element teams
S NEPHTEIM LIGHT Fever || Skill set tailored to Fever mode
S BELSIDIA DARK DPS || Suited for high-risk, high reward playstyle with high ATK modifiers at low HP
A SONIA WATER Buffer / Self-buff || Best in conjunction with combo-enablers
A INAHO THUNDER Debuffer (Paralyze) / Fever
A SILTY WIND Buffer / Self-buff || Much like Sonia, is best in conjunction with combo-enablers
A RAZELT LIGHT Tank / Buffer || Best in conjunction in a party that can keep HP high
A ECLAIRE LIGHT DPS || Can be paired with Razelt for best effect due to HP dependent modifiers
B WAGNER FIRE Buffer? || Too conditional
B MARINA FIRE Buffer / Combo || Skill spawns pirates that work as additional balls, but cooldown is long
B SUIZEN WATER Debuffer || Besides Poison, he doesn’t bring much to the party
B LEON WIND DPS? Tank? || A somewhat confusing kit that doesn’t have clear synergies


That’s it for the list of reroll-worthy characters for World Flipper. Remember to have fun! Please check this entire tier list for more at GamerBraves



How to play World Flipper on PC?

1. Download NoxPlayer emulator and install it.

2. Sign in to access Google Play Store.

3. Search for World Flipper in the searching bar.

4. Install the game and enjoy!


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