Blood on the Clocktower Grimoire

There are three versions of Blood on the Clocktower—Trouble Brewing, Bad Moon Rising and Sects & Violets.

For beginners, Trouble Brewing is the best choice.

Trouble Brewing has a little bit of everything. Some characters passively receive information, some need to take action to learn who is who, while some simply want to bait the Demon into
attacking them. Both good and evil can gain the upper hand by making well-timed sacrifices. Trouble Brewing is a relatively straightforward Demon hunt, but evil has a number of dastardly
misinformation tricks up their sleeves, so the good players had better question what they think they know if they hope to survive.

Blood on the Clocktower Rules — Trouble Brewing:

Blood on the Clocktower Roles — Trouble Brewing:

For intermediate, Bad Moon Rising and Sects & Violets are recommended.

Bad Moon Rising is a death extravaganza. Demons kill multiple times per night, and Minions get in on the action too. Good players can take great risks to gain reliable information, but may accidentally kill their friends in the process. Luckily, there are many ways to keep players alive long past their use-by date. If the good team cannot determine which Minions and Demons are in play, however, their doom is all but certain.

Blood on the Clocktower Rules — Bad Moon Rising:

Blood on the Clocktower Roles — Bad Moon Rising:

Sects & Violets is the craziest of the three editions included in the base set. Good characters get amazing information each and every night. However, the evil team is extremely varied and threatening and can throw massive confusion into the mix. Characters change alignment. Players change characters. Even the evil team can lose track of who is who. This is also the first appearance of madness, which throws all manner of spanners into the works.

Blood on the Clocktower Rules — Sects & Violets:

Blood on the Clocktower Roles — Sects & Violets: