Play War Robots on PC with NoxPlayer

War Robots is an action-packed multiplayer game with 6v6 team battles in real-time online. Take control of up to 45 battle robots with different strengths customizable with more than 50 weapon types, to destroy your rivals and capture all the beacons scattered across the map, in heated clans battles. Create or join a clan and fight your way to glory.

The war is raging. Robots are the soldiers. You are the captain. Be up to the challenge, step inside theses deadly machines and lead your side to triumph. Surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers, sneaky tricks or upgrade your weapons to increase combat strength, speed and durability of your war machines. Every moves you make can determine the outcome of this battles.

Tips and Tricks

  • Play on Pc with NoxPlayer

Play War Robots on PC with NoxPlayer emulator and get a subsequent advantage. With features like physical Keyboard/gamepad controls, bigger screen, faster and smoother experience than your mobile, macro-recording; whether you are on a high-end PC or an underpowered laptop, NoxPlayer is your perfect companion in this war and gives you powerups your enemies don’t have.

To play it on your PC, Install latest version of the NoxPlayer, sign in your Google account, then install Search and install War Robots from Google Play or App Center. Or you can download the apk file from any apk-site, and just drag and drop the file in NoxPlayer; it will install automatically. Then you can enjoy!

Oh, and here’s a tip for you to use keyboard control in the game: Set keyboard control in War Robots on NoxPlayer


  • Get the Beacons

A Beacon is a location on a map that can be captured by either team. Whether you win or lose depends on how many beacons your team has captured. There are usually five Beacons per level. The way to capture them is to stay near the area of the Beacon. Be mindful that enemy players will try to capture a Beacon. Just wipe out the enemy team and capture the Beacon of your target.


  • Engaging the enemy


Try to avoid head to head combat with a more powerful opponent. Keep moving, and try alternate dodging left and right of your opponent in order to reduce the amount of damage you take. Most weapons are less accurate with a moving target with only a percentage of projectiles hitting you.


  • Spawning

When your Robot first appears on the map you will see a countdown timer as the game waits for all the players to appear (spawn). You can’t move until the countdown finishes, but you can pan the camera. Use this time before the match starts to pan around and get your bearings and observe what robots and weapons your teammates have chosen and where the closest beacons are. This will give you a good idea who is likely to go for beacons and what sort of support you will have during battle.


  • Strategies

You should develop a couple of primary ones as well as secondary tactics. War Robots accurately presents a futuristic battleground and situations that you may encounter there.

So if things aren’t going as planned, You adapt and change your tactics without giving the enemy team chance to see through it.


  • Contest and challenges

After you’ve formed a squad and bonded with your teammates, you should invest time in completing challenges, contest, and missions together. Next in line to the squad icon in the middle right of your screen is a trophy icon. Click on that, and you’ll see available daily missions and challenges.