Work and No Play – 3 Top Games Savvy Entrepreneurs Can use to Relax After a Long Day

Running your day to day business as an entrepreneur can be exhausting. But for game savvy entrepreneurs, a little fun isn’t bad at all. You can be raking in dollars while chilling with what you love doing.

As a game savvy entrepreneur, what other way is best for relaxation than to play fun games. Games that will not only challenge your mind but also give you some sense of accomplishment. So whether you’re in the marketplace or in the comfort of your couch, you’re winning.

Winning is a basic skill that every entrepreneur must have. The business world is a tough place to be. This is why honing skills that can ensure you win is necessary.

These skills can be acquired right from the comfort of your couch, playing online games. Most of these games are designed to shape your winning mentality. You need not to worry about occupying space with a lot of consoles. Online games can be played either on your mobile phone or your PC.

Here are a few games to calm your nerves after a long day.


  1. Homescapes

Trending on Google Play store is a plethora of Match-3 games. In these type of games, you are expected to match 3 similar items to gain points. In the midst of the regular Match-3 games, Homescapes brings a little twist to it. Your objective is not only to solve the match-3 puzzles, but there’s also a primary adventure that makes it more engaging.

In the game, you are expected to help a butler named Austin renovate a mansion. You are also supposed to decorate it so the owners of the mansion are pleased with you and Austin.

To be able to do this, you need to win gold coins from completing match-3 levels. These gold coins can help Austin get the items needed to put the mansion in order.

To help you have fun and achieve goals faster, here are a few things you should know.



  • The Rules of the Game

Like every match-3 puzzle game, zero there are rules to follow. But, there are rules that are specific to Homescapes. Before playing any level, you should have this rule at the back of your mind.

Before you play, look at the left side of your game screen. There, you will find the objectives for each level. You must try to complete those objectives before you run out of moves. Beyond the gold coins, there’s a star for every level completed successfully.

Remember, you have a mansion to fix. So completing your objectives will make that plan come through quicker.



  • In-Game Power-ups

If you’re conversant with match-3 games, then you know there are rewards for matching more than three identical objects. These rewards come in the form of boosters to help you accomplish tasks faster.

Homescapes also provides these power-ups and more. Some of the people you get to enjoy are:

Paper Airplane: A paper airplane will crush four nearby objects in a cross-like fashion. When it’s done, it will take a flight to any part of the board to crush more objects. To get a paper airplane, match four identical objects in a square form.

Rocket: A rocket clears a full row or column of objects. This is dependent on the direction of the rocket when it forms. To get a rocket, you need to match four similar objects in a vertical or horizontal form.

Bomb: A bomb smashes three squares deep of nearby objects. That’s a total of 12 objects. A bomb is formed when five or more identical objects are matched at an intersection.

Disco Ball: This is a hardcore racist. It targets a particular set of objects and clears them from the board. You really have to work hard to get a disco ball. It appears when you match five objects in a roll.


To Have Fun, Focus on The Tasks Ahead of You.

For every level, there are specific conditions that guarantee victory. There is bound to be the temptation of smashing objects you don’t need. Focus on the goal that a particular level demands. This is to avoid being frustrated and dampen your fun.

If you have objects that don’t pose a challenge to your objective, don’t waste moves on them. It’s like your business. If something isn’t going to help your business, you don’t waste time and money on it.

If you must clear boxes, it is best to use power-ups. This helps you use your moves on your core level objectives.



  • Fixing the Mansion

It’s important to remember that matching objects is not your only objective. You are also supposed to help Austin put the mansion in good shape. The match-3 part is a means to raise coins needed to fix the mansion with Austin.

When you earned some gold coins, check your To-Do list. There are house-related tasks that will always be waiting for you. It could be room to change its decor, or a broken part of the house to fix or even an item to buy.

This is not to get you all boxed up, it’s about fun. So, if you’re not up for the whole renovation stuff, you can enjoy matching objects. Austin will be on you though. But, neglecting him won’t deny you access. You can still be playing and getting stars. Anytime you’re ready, you can take on all the tasks at once.


  1. Battle Warship

Do you feel threatened by the competition in your business? Then it’s time to develop the guts to crush them – while having fun too.

In this epic game, your mission is to command the most sophisticated battleship to destroy your enemies. This is all-out warfare at sea. Rise in notoriety and become the admiral no one messes with.

But hey, your enemies won’t go down without a fight. So, you need to build a fleet strong enough to engage in sea battles and come out victorious.

The beauty of this is that you can get stronger through alliances. You know, like forming business partnerships that give you enough muscles to face your competition. So, you can build an empire by forming great alliances with friends. Together you will destroy every that to your empire.

Before you go head-on against the enemy, here’s a few information that can beef up your arsenal.



  • Be Available Daily

If you are going to enjoy the full benefits of this game, you must not be found missing on your duty post. Of course, you can spend all day fighting epic battles. You are way too busy for that. So the ideal thing is to take a few minutes after a long day and check up on your empire.

There are daily epic quests that will give you daily rewards. The rewards range from gold coins, speed up items, to an aircraft to give you an aerial advantage in battles.



  • Form Alliances ASAP

You don’t want to end your journey before it begins. The key to rising quickly is alliances. Though you will create your own alliances, it’s best to join already existing alliances as soon as you start playing.

Joining alliances gives you the opportunity to gain Honor points by helping alliance members. This also means they can help you when you need help.

By joining alliances, you also gain access to the Alliance Store. This is where you use your honor points to get items that can give you a warfare advantage.



  • Protect Your Arsenal

Never let your guards down, there are folks out there ready to plunder your resources. It is important you protect your stuff. Don’t spend time acquiring resources only to lose them to plunderers. As a matter of fact, your arsenal is a point of attraction when other players scout your base.

To prevent this, you need to spend some coins on building storehouses. Provided you don’t exceed the limit, put all your area there. Always keep your base empty. Bring out your arsenal only when you’re going to battle.



  • Have Fun, But Get Tactical

Though the game is fun, you need to be strategic in your attack. You are allowed to peek into your enemies territory for recon operation. In a recon operation, you get valuable intel on their defenses and attacking formation.

Information gathered will help you strategize your attack and defenses for battle. If there’s any part of your enemy’s artillery that you can leverage, do so. Knowing what your enemy will bring to battle helps you know the fortifications you need to do.


  1. RAID Shadow Legends

How does it feel to be the one who saved the world? It feels great. But, this time, you’re saving a virtual world.

In this Role Playing Game (RPG), your job is to save a once prosperous land that has been ravaged by a monstrous dragon. Your job is to get a team of warriors together to destroy the dragon and save the world. Of course, the journey is by no means easy.

To add a little personalization, you can go head on to fight other real people across the world. This will unlock special features and build your reputation.

The challenge with most RPGs is the choice of the role to start with. But, you will be armed before you get in. There are four characters to choose from. Here are their attributes, so you can start on the right footing.



  • Athel

Athel is an attack freak. She is an expert in weakening enemies and inflicting shattering AoE injuries. She is a Telerian of the Sacred Order. Even with health lower than 50%, she can still build her defenses.


  • Elhanan

Elhan is a specialist in AoE attacks. She is a champion of High Elf attack. Her AoE increases her chances to inflict more devastating damages.


  • Galek

When it comes to speed of attack, Galek is the character to go for. He uses his speed to decrease the defenses of his enemies. He is an Orc attack champion.


  • Kael

Kael is a beast! He doesn’t know when to stop. He inflicts multiple and continuous damages to his enemies. After defeating them, he gains duplicates of turns. He is The Corrupted Dark Elf champion.


To Wrap Up…

All work and no play makes you bored and sick. You need to make out time and do the things that calm your nerves after a long day. These games can give you fun, and a sense of accomplishment.