How to setup Multiplayer

On this Multi-drive management panel we can see and operate all of our instances. The following picture is all interfaces of the multiplayer, below the picture is the explanation of the each functions.


1.Batch operation

First, please select the instances you want to operate, click batch operation and then select “start”, “close” or “delete”.

There are “new (3)”, “copy (3)”, after clicking it will corresponding create new 3 or copy 3 instances. For copying the particular one, just choose the instance you want to copy. If still do not understand, please read the following “2. Multi-instance Settings.”

P.S If you only want to add instance, please click on the button “add emulator”. If still do not understand, please pull down this tutorial page to the 11. Add emulator.


2.Multi-instance Settings

The higher number of frames will provide the better performance, but also uses more computer resources. If you only need to open more instances and do not need high performance, it can be lowered.

Sound will affect the computer CPU consumption, we suggest to turn off the sound, simply remove the mark to turn off the sound.

Batch operation are adjusted above the “new (3)”, “copy (3)” , for example if change it to 5, then in batch operation it will be changed to “Create new(5)”, “Copy(5)”.

P.S Please do not forget to save all your settings.

3.Multi-instance Arrange

Here you can arrange already opened instances through the “grid view” or “diagonal view” on your PC. If you think the grid view is not fill the screen on your PC, you can click on the “Re-size window for fill the screen”. If you think the diagonal view make you feel uncomfortable, you can fill the window size you want to adjust.

Diagonal view has a “window size” function. Modify the corresponding size, check the window to adjust the size, after clicking all instances will be stretched to the same size, but with the same resolution. If you want to adjust the resolution of each instances to be consistent, click the settings button of the instance you want to adjust and choose the resolution.

This is how grid view  looking like with 4 instances:

This is how diagonal view looking like with 4 instances:

4. Search

This function is generally for the users who have many instances, search for the instance you want to find by the name, and then click on “magnifying glass” button to search.

5. Start

Click the start button to start the corresponding instance, if instance is already on, this position becomes to a square “close” button. At the same time if the current instance is in the activated state, it is impossible to create a shortcut, change system settings, delete, cleanup disk space, back up/import, as shown below:

6. Create shortcut

After installing NoxPlayer, on the desktop will be icons of Nox and Multi-Drive, but if you want to open a particular instance then you can use this function.

For example, if you click on the NoxPlayer 2 to create shortcuts, then a shortcut to the NoxPlayer 2 icon will appear on the desktop.

7. System Settings

In this function you can adjust the performance settings, startup settings, graphics rendering mode, virtual button location, frame settings etc.

8. Delete

Click on this button and you can delete instance (click this button will delete instance and all your data. Please remember, your own data must be backed up. Back up/import button will help you to save all applications and games locally).

9. Clean up disk space (will be added in the next version)

Click on this button, so you can clean up the part of the useless cache file.

10. Back up/Import

Click on this button, so you can start to backup or import operation.

11. Add emulator

Here you can create a whole new instance, copy particular one or create a new Android 5.1.1 version(Android 5.1.1 version is still under test, please kindly stay tuned).

Add new / copy emulator picture bellow, wait for unlocking to 100% and start to use.

In fact, how many instances you can open it is up to your PC configuration, if the configuration is not good enough may be some issue happen, suggest that you decision should based on the actual situation of your PC.