Solutions for Error Code 1017: System error, please restart.

Some users may experience the problem of stuck at 99% during the startup process and see the below error message: System error, please restart. It means that the system failed to start because the data disk may be damaged. Do worry, we have some solutions for you to solve this problem.

This problem often caused by adjusting the path of the files of NoxPlayer.

If you did not adjust the path of the files of NoxPlayer, please follow the guideline here:

  1. Please make sure that your VT is enabled. Click here to learn how to check VT status and how to enable VT.
  2. Please make sure that the antivirus and firewall were disabled. Please view further info to learn how to disable antivirus software and how to disable the firewall on your PC.
  3. Try to create a new instance with the Multi-Drive on the desktop. Click here to learn how to create new instances with Multi-Drive.
  4. Backup the data on the old instance and restore the data file to the new instance. Click here to learn how to backup and restore data files.

If you have adjusted the path of the files of NoxPlayer by accident, please follow the guideline here:

  1. Right-click the Nox icon on the desktop and click “Open File Location” to locate the file that you have moved
  2. Find the base.vbox file and open with Wordpad

3. Please follow the guideline on the picture

If the problem still remains, please join our following communities and contact us for help:

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